Chloe / Beginner's Stop-Motion Animation, Lip Synching Workshop

I was excited for a week before taking this class, and it certainly did not disappoint. Jenny is a wonderful teacher, and everything was explained clearly. The learning was practical: she started demonstrating things and later encouraged us to try first, all the while supporting us. We were also shown several animation clips, and given a passage from a book, to enhance our understanding. She was happy to go on tangents to answer any questions we had, and to gear the session towards personal projects, which shows how much she cares, and was only possible due to the small class size of 2.The only thing I would say, is that two and a half hours absolutely whizzes by. If you can afford the weekend class that would certainly be worth the money, because this one definitely was.I am a university drama student working on a stop motion animation film for a university project. Before attending the class I had read a couple of books, and attempted my own animation excersizes. I cannot emphasize how much this workshop, and Jenny's expertise, has enhanced that learning, inspired me and will continue to help me throughout the project.Thank you so much! I'm very grateful, and am hoping to come to another class in the new year (after my project, so just for fun!).


Anne / Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

Jennifer is a great instructor, provides all materials required, to build a foam and latex model from scratch. This was a really well run course, where we learned and achieved a lot in two days. Highly recommend!


Colin / Stop-Motion Animation Beginner's 'March of the Pingu's'

I really fun, relaxed evening. This is my third workshop with ctrl+alt+Dlt, I keep coming back! Jenny is a great teacher and takes the time to come around individually to make sure we’re doing ok. Quite tricky to find first time but worth the journey!


Natalya / Beginner's Stop-Motion Animation, Lip Synching Workshop

Great, hands-on workshop. Jenny is a true professional and you will learn (and do!) a lot even in two and a half hours! Bring a notepad and pen to take down any notes and tips. Also I recommend arriving a little bit earlier if you're unfamiliar with the London City Island area as it's easy to get disorientated the first time especially late in the evening when it's dark!

Jude / Face-Repacement Worshop

This was the second class I've been too and it was great. The teaching and information was really good and Jennifer was very helpful . Recommended for stop motion animators wanting to try different techniques. Jud

Claire / Beginner's Stop-Motion Animation, Lip Synching Workshop

Jennifer is a wonderful teacher who puts so much effort into not only the teaching but following up with you to see how you're doing. I loved the class, it was fantastic value for money, and I don't think there are many places you could get such small class sizes. I can't wait to book my next class! Would recommend to anyone who has an interest in stop motion animation.


Max / Beginner's Stop-Motion Animation, Lip Synching Workshop

This class was really excellent. Firstly Jenny was friendly and is a real people person. She is totally professional and knows her stuff. Loads of info and advice. We got right down to it. Making a plasticine puppet and then animating it in stop-motion with lip-sync. Even better you get a copy of the performance and your puppet to mould again and again. My friends just could not believe I had done the animation it looked so professional I am hooked and will be doing some of the 2day classes now. Great venue easy to get to at Canning Town and so you do not get lost Jenny meets you anyway.


Stine / Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

Jennifer was amazing! I have always wanted to try stop-motion animation and this two day course with Jen was the perfect way to get into it. Thanks so much for your amazing teaching :)


Max / Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

I am a huge movie fan and always wanted to learn a bit more around the hidden craft of stop motion. No one better to do it with than Jennifer and my puppets are amazing. Thanks so much for the fantastic course!


Beth / Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

spend two days doing something completely different, Jennifer was an amazing teacher and I had such a great time


Nina / Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

Thank you for sharing your skill, knowledge and patience Jennifer. The pride I have looking at my puppet is immense!I would advise anyone that loves stop frame animation to get stuck in! So pleased I found Obby.Great fun Nina


Sian / Stop-Motion Animation, Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

Great hands-on workshop for learning the basics of Foam & Latex Puppet Building! You learn by doing the moment you step through the door. Nonetheless, bring a notepad and pen to note down any handy tricks and tips. Jenny is a true professional and you're in good hands even if you're a complete beginner. Really enjoyed the class and recommend continuing with Jenny's other workshops to build up and consolidate the skills learnt!


Katie / Stop-Motion Animation 2 Day Workshop

Very informative, inspiring and practical 2 day workshop. Signing up for another!