Dublin / 5 Day Silicone Puppet Building Workshop


Dublin / 5 Day Silicone Puppet Building Workshop


Advanced and Intense 5 Day Silicone Stop-Motion Animation Puppet Building Workshop

This is a workshop which will take place over 5 days where you will learn how to design and build a stop-motion puppet made from silicone with professional jointed stop-motion armature.

This workshop requires you to book at least two weeks in advance as there is some pre-preparation involved which entails having materials sent out to you so that you can start your sculpt, ensuring that you create a puppet that you love in good time without there being any time pressure during the week of the workshop.

You will learn the following:

How to sculpt textures into your puppet.

How to handle professional armature.

How to create a two part resin and fibreglass mould

How to paint with silicone

How to punch hair

How to back paint into your mould

At the end of this workshop, you will have a complete silicone puppet that you can animate as well as the mould from which you can re-create more at home.

This is an advanced workshop for those looking for more experience in puppet building.

Ideal for those who are in University with some prior model-making or sculpting experience.

It is also ideal for those with an interest in animation and suitable for those who can sculpt.

As you are creating your own puppet, there is no limit as to who can join this workshop.

The cost of materials as well as professional armature is included in the cost of this course.

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Workshops are not to be filmed, audio recorded or put online! Notes and images can be taken during the workshop for personal use only!