This page is for all previous Ctrl+ART+Dlt participants who wish to post work since taking a workshop. This is a great platform where you can see new work as well as have your work seen by a wider audience while also opening up the opportunity to collaborate with other animators and model makers. 


Adam Wilson

Check out Adam’s first animations created on the 2-day stop-motion animation workshop :D

A link to his website will be added soon, but for now, here is a link to his Instagram page! IndiCollab

Shirel Lebovich

Amazing silicone puppet an animation created by Shirel during her 5-day silicone puppet building workshop. Check out more of her work here:

Maurice Noble

The Last Flight of Summer by Maurice Noble

Check out more of his work through his vimeo page!

Marie-Valerie Jeantelot


Emma Jordan

Sacksy Sacksatives Commercial

Meg Dupont

'Don't Be A Prick' by Meg Dupont

'Bean Seen' by Meg Dupont

Meg is a very talented model maker and animator. After attending the stop-motion animation workshop she has created this amazing animation! Through this video, check out her vimeo page where she has many more! 

Take a look at her website here!

Joceline Colvert

'Frog Tropes' by Joceline Colvert. 

'Starfish Loves Tree' by Joceline Colvert.

'The Mesmerist' by Joceline Colvert