J e n n i f e r   K i d d

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jennifer Kidd and I will be the one teaching you at these workshops from my studio on London City Island. 

I have been animating, sculpting, painting and model-making for over 10 years and have just completed an MA in Experimental Animation at the Royal College of Art in London where I specialised in Directing. 

I‘ve worked in the film industry on animated features such as 'Isle of Dogs' and 'Night of the Trampires' where I worked in the art department, model making and set dressing and I also worked at Factory Create in the art and puppet maintenance department. 

To view the workshops that are available go to the 'Booking and Contact' page where you will see a list of workshops and a breakdown of what each workshop involves. 
Workshops range from beginner to intermediate and advanced with the silicone puppet building workshop that requires 2 weeks at home pre-preparation. 

(Workshops are not to be filmed, audio recorded or put online! Notes and images can be taken during the workshop for personal use only!)


Mold Making Workshops

Essential skills for anyone going into model-making and puppet building as well as other disciplines such as ceramics or candle making and anything that requires multiples of the same thing. 

Mold-making is an art form in itself and can get complicated very quickly depending on the size and shape of your sculpt as well as the materials you choose to use, however it's best to start with the basics and this workshop offers the basics of mold-making which is a great gateway into mold-making as well as a great workshop on how to create something that is function that will serve you well throughout your artistic career. 

This is a one day (messy) course where you will learn how to create a successful 2-part mold as well as learning about different materials and the pitfalls we encounter when learning that can be avoided through learning from someone who has experience in a small class where you will receive a lot of one to one tuition. 


Silicone Puppet Building Workshop

This is a very intense 5-day workshop with 2 weeks of required pre-preparation at home that involves three, one to one skype tutorials to make sure that you are on track. 

This course includes all materials as well as professional armature from 'Malvern'.

This is perfect for anyone embarking on an animated project where they are looking to create a more advanced puppet that can withstand hours of animation. 

Making a puppet from silicone is a very long and costly and it can go wrong if you have no prior experience, but this workshop will take you through all the processes required to making a successful puppet from beginning to end.

So if you are thinking of going down the rabbit hole of silicone puppet building, this is a great place to start where there will be no nasty surprises and at the end you will have a puppet ready to animate.

Come armed with a notebook, packed lunch and of course a change of clothes.  


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Foam & Latex Puppet Building Workshop

This is a great 2-day workshop that takes you through advanced wire armature building and body forming to create a puppet that can move articularly as well as withstanding hours of animaiton. 

While the silicone puppet can withstand a lot of animation and will last much longer, we often need backing characters in our animations that are not as costly and are quicker to pull together and for this, this workshop can teach you just that. 

Here in this workshop you are learning the fundamentals of anatomical structures and how to build a puppet for purpose that wont let you down while shooting. 

This is great for any very short animations as wire armature does break down eventually, then again there are techniques that you will learn in this workshop which will help you create armature that will last much longer. 

As with the silicone and all other courses, bring a notebook, packed lunch and change of clothes.



2 new workshops have been added:

5Day Wool/Felt Puppet Fabrication

2Day Scale Model-Making and Set Dressing

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