We offer a range of different workshops from:

  • Single 2hour evening workshops.
  • A series of weekly workshops to create more ambitious puppets and animations.
  • Half day workshops.
  • Full day workshops.
  • Party workshops

Workshops are very hands on to ensure that each participant is engaged throughout and benefiting from one to one tuition in creating their own individual models.


Each participant will receive a DVD copy and .mov file of the films and the option to have them uploaded to Ctrl+ART+Dlt's 'Vimeo' Channel.

To host an animation workshop at your chosen venue all that is required is a workspace with tables. Ctrl+ART+Dlt will provide all the materials and equipment, including Apple MacBooks, digital SLR cameras, lights, tripods, stop-motion/post-production software, backgrounds, storyboards, plenty of modelling clay and set designing materials!